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Homescan is uniquely designed to support Canadian consumer confidence on the rise! Scan your purchases to earn Nielsen Homescan rewards and make your opinion count. Nielsen Homescan Canada is subject to Canadian English speaking consumers, age 40 and younger beside its a Geo-target campaign to consumers living in the regions (the letter denotes the FSA and corresponds with the first character of the Canadian zip): M (Metropolitan Toronto), B (Nova Scotia), C (Prince Edward Island), P (Northern Ontario), E (New Brunswick), R (Manitoba), S (Saskatchewan), H (Metropolitan Montreal), J (Western Quebec), V (British Columbia), K (Eastern Ontario) and L (Central Ontario).

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We assure you that we do not disclose any personally identifiable information to our clients. We will not use your personally identifiable information to advertise, promote or market goods or services to you.

Click here to join the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel free. For all those French Canadian consumers looking to join Neilsen Panel to complete the survey in French aged 18 -40 click here.

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